anisocado.misc module

anisocado.misc.field_positions_for_simcado_psf(radii=None, theta=45)[source]

Generates a list of field position where the PSF will be sampled

The PSF will be sampled at intervals of theta around concentric circles placed at distances radii from the centre of the field of view.

Default radii are at [1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32] arcsec


radii : list of floats

[arcsec] Radii of concentric circles where the PSF will be sampled

theta : float

[deg] Spacing between PSF samples around each circle


coords : list of tuples

[arcsec] List of sample positions relative to the centre of the field


import anisocado
cds = anisocado.field_positions_for_simcado_psf(radii=[5, 10], theta=60)
hdu = anisocado.make_simcado_psf_file(cds, wavelengths=[1.2, 1.6, 2.2])
anisocado.misc.make_image_of_psf_grid(filt_name='Ks', wave=2.15, for_joss=True)[source]
anisocado.misc.make_psf_grid(r=14, dr=7, **kwargs)[source]
anisocado.misc.make_simcado_psf_file(coords, wavelengths, header_cards=None, **kwargs)[source]

Generate a set of Field-Varying PSF cubes for use with SimCADO


coords : list of tuples

[arcsec] Sample positions of the PSF in field of view. (0, 0) is the centre of the field of view.

wavelengths : list

[um] The wavelengths for which the PSF should be sampled

header_cards : dict, optional

Any extra keyword-value pair to be added to the extension 0 header.


hdulist : fits.HDUList

A HDUList object which is formatted for use as a Field-Varying PSF in SimCADO


import anisocado

radii = [1, 3, 5, 10]   # arcsec
waves = [1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.15]   # um

coords = anisocado.field_positions_for_simcado_psf(radii, theta=60)
hdu = anisocado.make_simcado_psf_file(coords=coords, wavelengths=waves,
                                      N=512, profile_name="EsoQ1")

anisocado.misc.on_axis_strehl_for_kernel_size(Narr=(128, 512, 2048), **kwargs)[source]

Only for the on-axis kernel

anisocado.misc.strehl_map(r=25, dr=3, **kwargs)[source]